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    How to Enhance Performance Pre, Mid and Post Season

    This is a question we are continually asked in both our Chartered Physiotherapy Clinics. In most cases the timing of this question is unfortunate as the Player / Athlete is attending us with an established injury that may have been avoided if they had been properly Screened. These injuries obviously affect Performance, as there may be a residual unresolved Mobility problem or Motor Control issue post injury.This may not be overly obvious and the Sportsperson may feel they are now non-injured and can go ” Full – Pelter ” , but an injury can leave that person with a hidden dysfunction in their Playing style or Technique which will ultimately affect Future Performance and may even lead to another injury. There are also individuals who may never have had a significant injury but their Performance may be affected on an ongoing basis by an unscreened and therefore unexposed Movement Pattern Asymmetry. These Individuals are carrying hidden issues that are frustrating them by ” Holding Them Back ” and negatively affecting what could be a much better Performance.

    So What Is The Answer ?

    Well if Performance is being affected by a Muscular, Mobility or Motor Control problem, Performance can be enhanced simply by Diagnosing, Exposing and Correcting what is exposed. There are many Chartered Physiotherapists who have trained and specialised in Screening, testing and Correcting these previously undiagnosed Dysfunctions in Players / Athletes. We at Premier County Physiotherapy, use FMS – Functional Movement Screening and SFMA – Selective Functional Movement screening to expose all these issues. we then use Proven and Effective Corrective Functional Stategies to negate the exposed Patterns. Sometimes we complement these Corrective Strategies by introducing Yoga and Pilates Regimes when appropriate. Ultimately, Our Objective is to Correct and achieve higher better results when we Re-Screen, which in turn translates into significant improvements in Performance for the Player/Athlete.

    We Screen Pre, Mid and Post Season and Our goal at all times is to Eliminate Undiagnosed Issues and Enhance Optimum Performance.

    The Advice is ” Do Not Add Fitness To A Dysfunction “- Get Screened and Improve Your Performance !!!!!!

    To be Screened please contact Jackie or Maggie at Premier County Physiotherapy , Templemore or Thurles on0504-26090 and ask for FMS or SFMA Screening.

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