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    What is FMS and SFMA?  Functional Movement Screen and Selective Functional Movement Assessment are based on an exercise philosophy and corresponding set of resources which has resulted from sound science, years of innovation and current research.  These movement screens ultimately result in exposing a previously undiagnosed dysfunction in a players/athletes movement pattern that could be affecting performance or be setting up that individual for injury or recurrent injury.

    Once the dysfunctional pattern is determined, we at Premier Clinic are trained to implement strategies based on corrective functional movement and selective functional movement principles to negate the dysfunctional movement that the individual displays.  The corrective strategies will involve very specific exercises which will maximise brain re-training regarding movement recruitment and muscular interplay.  Ultimately these corrective strategies target the exposed problem and will effectively restore proper movement patterns for that person, resulting in improved performance and a reduction in injuries.


    Testimonials for FMS


    “I am confidently running the best I have run in years with no niggling injuries after being screened and corrected at Premier County Physio”

    ……..B. Murphy (Triathlete)


    “I have had a small knee complaint for years, not bad enough to stop me running definitely affects my performance.  After talking to a friend, I attended Premier County Physio and had my movement pattern screened and corrected.  I am now running with no complaint, my technique has improved and my performance is great. Thank you Premier County Physio”

    ……P.Ryan (Marathon Runner)


    “I attended Therese pre-season for FMS/SFMA screening.  A few problems showed up and I was given corrective exercises to so.  I stuck with the programme and I can honestly say I am training and playing better than I am ever done, down through the years.  I would highly recommend being screened”

    D. McGrath (GAA Player)


    Therese Ryan And Joanne Shanahan are our in-house Fms 1, 2 and Sfma experts and are both Chartered Physiotherapists fully trained to screen and implement corrective FMS strategies.


    For appointments phone Jackie/Maggie 0504-26090

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