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    Yoga in Athletic Training and Sport has been adopted in a widespread manner in recent years. It is now been used by top-tier players, athletes and in some cases entire teams. The benefits of yoga are extensive and these benefits are being used as a means to career extensions and to improve performance and ultimately to reduce injuries.

    The benefits of yoga on running career extension and on sports performance extend out of physical advantage which are enhanced with yoga through maximising range of motion, flexibility and movement patterns. There is also a build up of functional core strength in yoga, as the slow compound movements if done correctly demand endurance out of the core and limb levers.

    Therese Ryan, Chartered Physiotherapist is a Qualified Yoga Teacher and has been successfully using yoga in the rehabilitation of injured players and patients in both of Premier County’s Clinics (Thurles & Templemore) for many years. More recently, we have non-injured players, athletes and more sedentary individuals seeking one to one Yoga for various different personal reasons, and to date we are successfully reaching our objectives for each individual.

    Many sports people are also implementing Pilates exercises as an integral part of their fitness programmes. The benefits of Pilates result in improved performance, more efficient techniques, correction of abnormal strategies and reduced injury rates.

    How does Pilates do this? The Pilates approach zones in on correct muscle recruitment for functional movements. Each sport has key patterns of movements which must be integrated and performed correctly to achieve optimum performance. Pilates refocuses on the correct recruitment, negating muscle imbalances that have been previously created. This results in improved alignment, correct firing of muscles at the right time in the movement pattern and therefore the preformance is directly affected while also reducing unnecessary on the athlete or players body.

    Pilates is now being used extensively and successfully by many amateur and professional sports people.

    Therese Ryan and Eibhlis Cooney both Chartered Physiotherapists are now teaching and using Pilates in our two clinics.

    For Yoga or Pilates appointments please call Jackie/Maggie on 0504-26090.

    Please note, we also run Yoga classes on Monday nights.  Prices are €70 for 8 nights.  If you would like to enquire about joining our classes please call Jackie/Maggie on 0504-26090.  All are welcome.

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