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    Innovative Shockwave Treatment

    Update on Premier County’s new Innovative Shockwave Treatment

    Premier County Physiotherapy based in Thurles & Templemore are the only clinic’s in Tipperary offering Shockwave to its patients.  Chartered Physiotherapists Therese Ryan, Emma Callanan, Eibhlis Cooney and Joanne Shanahan are now fully trained to administer this highly innovative, dynamic and forward thinking treatment.  The results of Shockwave are evidence based and groundbreaking in the field of injury rehabilitation.  Here are some recent testimonials from Patients in both clinics.


    “A recent injury to my cervical spine caused shoulder pain and loss of power in my left arm.  An MRI confirmed a herniated disc in my neck which was pressing onto my spinal cord and meant the simple daily tasks such as tying my shoelaces and leaning to wash dishes in the sink were proving to be difficult.  The shock Wave Therapy Course carried out a Premier County Physiotherapy Clinic has resulted in a complete reversal of my symptoms.  A few short weeks later, I am pain free and thankfully, I now have normal arm function.  In addition, the relief of not having to undergo spinal surgery is immense.  I would not hesitate to recommend Shock Wave Treatment.”

    …………S,Maher, Templemore


    “I found the Shockwave fantastic for my long-standing tennis elbow problem.  Since having my course of Shockwave done, I am flying it and have not complained since.  I would highly recommend it.”

    ………………S, Lawlor, Drom


    “I found the Shockwave machine to be highly effective for my chronic right frozen shoulder.  My shoulder came on leaps and bounds once Shockwave was introduced.”

    …………B. O’Connell, Thurles


    So What Is Shockwave?  Shockwave has been defined as a significant breakthrough in pain management.  It is a proven technology with clinical studies reliably reporting a success rate above 75% in many chronic pain cases.


    Shockwave sends pulses into the body which are generated by compressed air causing acoustic energy to illicit the desired effect within the body.

    Conditions treated

    • Dupytrens Contracture
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Achilles tendinopathy
    • Patellar tendonipathy
    • Tennis and Golfers elbow (medial and lateral epicondylalgia)
    • Biceps tendinopathy
    • Supraspinatus tendinopathy
    • Trochanteric bursitis
    • Frozen shoulder
    • Cervical and lumbar spine myofascial pain
    • Pelvic and hip pain

    If you feel you would benefit from Shockwave, please contact Jackie or Maggie and make an appointment to see any of our Chartered Physiotherapy Team, Therese, Emma, Eibhlis or Joanne in Templemore or Thurles. 0504-26090

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