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    Are You in Chronic Pain?

    Have you a long term Joint , Muscle or Back Problem? Have you an injury that has never settled down ? Chronic Pain has become a common problem and a major challenge to Healthcare Professionals because of its complexity . Chronic Pain is defined as “Pain without apparent biological value that has persisted beyond normal tissue healing time “. It is also defined as “Pain that either persists beyond the point where healing would be expected to be complete or that occurs in disease processes in which healing doesn’t take place . ”
    Chronic pain has various classification types and demands a knowledgeable evidence based understanding so it is essential that you have an accurate diagnosis performed by your General Practitioner or Chartered Physiotherapist ,  so an appropriate , correct and effective treatment plan can be implemented for you .
    During the past eighteen months , we at Premier County Chartered Physiotherapy have extensively studied , trained and invested resources into formulating an evidence based Specific Chronic Pain Treatment Approach for our patients . These treatments include.

    Shockwave :

    Shockwave is an innovative and dynamic treatment  breakthrough for those in Chronic Pain . The evidence based results are proving groundbreaking in many areas of Chronic Pain , desensitising the segment over time and reducing the Patient’s Pain .  We are the only clinic in Co. Tipperary and one of  only seven national clinics offering this highly effective treatment.

    Spinal Segment Desensitisation:

    This is an approach whereby ,if appropriate , treatment in the form of manual joint or myofascial therapy is concentrated within the Spinal Segment relating to the Patient’s pain . Our primary aim  in performing this treatment is to desensitise the segment and therefore reduce the overall Central Sensitivity found in our Chronic Pain patients.

    Deep Dry Needling :

    This again is an extremely  effective evidence based treatment for Chronic Pain . We place  a needle in an active Trigger Point in the affected muscular area and / or spinal segment and this physically creates changes within the muscle which normalises function and alters the Chronic Pain.

    Myofascial Therapy :

    This is a specialised manual therapy which we carry out on latent and active Myofascial Trigger Points palpable within the area of Chronic Pain . This treatment alters the muscle function and behaviour  ultimately altering the central sensitivity and reducing our Patient’s Chronic Pain Cycle.

    Chronic Pain is difficult to diagnose classify and treat , so it is imperative that your Physiotherapist is Chartered . Therese Ryan , Eibhlis Cooney, Laura Meagher and Joanne Shanahan are all Chartered Physiotherapists and appointments are available daily including evening and Saturdays.

    Please call Jackie or Maggie on 0504 26090 to book an appointment in either our Templemore or Thurles Clinic #.

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